2024 Board of Director Nominees

2024 Board of Director Nominees

Below you will find short bios submitted by your neighbors who are running for the Board of Directors in 2024. 

Phyliss Bass

My name is Phyllis Bass and I am a candidate for the 2024 Lancaster Community Board of Directors. As a sitting board member, my primary focus is on community service, helping to maintain the value of your property and doing my part to make Lancaster a great place to live. 
I look forward to continuing my work in the community, assisting with administrative tasks and interacting with residents. As a board member, I am adept in conflict resolution, understanding the budget and working with other board members. 
I am currently employed with Vanderbilt University/National Institutes of Health in  human genome research. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resource management, a Masters of Science Degree in Management and Leadership and a Master of Science Degree in Business Administration.

Joanne Escamilla

I am a property owner in Lancaster for the past 20 years and have seen the many changes that the community has experienced. I would like the opportunity to provide community involvement and create a sense of harmony throughout the community.

John Guyton

I have previously had the honor to serve on the Board of Directors and particpated in capital improvements made around the Association, community events and other community activities. I would like another opportunity to serve as a Board of Director to assist in making Lancaster a great place to live.