Q: Why do I pay Association fees?

A: Association fees, sometimes referred to as Maintenance or Assessment fees, are collected to maintain the common areas of your community. Normally this covers pool(s), playground(s), clubhouse, recreation center, fitness center, and various utilities. Fees are also used for improvements, beautification, landscaping, and any other Owner services provided.

Q: What are deed restrictions (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions)?

A: The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR’s), also referred to as “deed restrictions”, is a recorded document of rules and regulations governing your community. The document outlines the standards of your community and informs you of what can and cannot be done. Be sure to read through these important documents to fully understand the rules that govern your association.

Q: Why do I need to comply with the deed restrictions (CCR’s)?

A: When you closed on your house with the title company, the title policy that you signed states that, as a homeowner, you are contractually obligated to comply with the deed restrictions. This agreement is between the homeowner and your homeowner’s association and when you are not compliant, legal action can be used by the association against the homeowner. Enforcing deed restrictions are essential to maintaining property values and preserving the residential character of the neighborhood.

Q: How do I report a deed restriction (CCR) violation?

A: Please report Deed Restriction Violations to [email protected]. It is important to emphasize that in reporting a deed restriction violation, you will remain anonymous, however we must also have a “paper trail” of the violation should legal action be required.