Deed Restriction Violation Fine List

Payments of fine amount does not grant a variance for the violation. All violations must be corrected and brought into compliance immediately. All fines are payable within 30 days of assessment. The Owner of the home will be responsible for any fines assessed on the property. It is the Owner’s responsibility to pursue reimbursement (if necessary) of the fine from their tenant



Holiday decoration displayed 30 days

$50.00 per month

Property Used for Storage (Boats, non-operative vehicle, trailers, ect.)

$75.00 1st notice
$25.00 per day thereafter

Trash cans/bags left in public view on days other than pickup days/Debris

$5.00 per day

BBQ Grills Left in View

$10.00 per day

Basketball goal left out in public view

$15.00 per day

Landscaping Violations (Failure to Weed, Trim, Mow Grass, etc.)

$15.00 per day

Livestock or Poultry Kept on Property

$75.00 1st notice
$25.00 per day thereafter

Home Repairs Needed (Gutters, Garage Door, Fences, Painting etc.)

$50.00 per month

Mildew on Property

$50.00 per month

Littering in Common Areas (Any Items)

$50.00 per month

Modification, Addition or Alteration Made to Property Without Prior Approval

$100.00 month

Parked Semi’s (Commercial/Big Rigs)

$200.00 per day

Building  Without Permit


Repeat Offenders

$150.00 month

Other Violations

$200.00 per month

Caught Dumping in the Community